Cross government HRM reforms

Country: Libya

ASI supported the Libyan Government in the design of a Public Sector Administration Development Programme, the object of which was to transform the civil service into a modern and efficient public administration.  A core component of the programme was the design of human resources systems to ascertain appropriate numbers of staff and skills for specific functions and ensure high professional standards by appointing staff on merit, paying them fairly and rewarding good performance.  Specific services performed included design of the following:

  • Reform of personnel management systems using merit-based recruitment and promotion systems;
  • Review of organisational structures, systems, and functions;
  • Review and reform of HR functions, including salary and grading structures;
  • Policy work around implementing a new P&G structure to reduce the difference between the lowest and highest paid and address severance and redundancy issues;
  • Classification of civil servants;
  • Training needs analyses; and
  • Review and reform of legal frameworks.

 Two other workstreams of the project addressed policy development and institutional development respectively.