Civil service reform

Region: West Africa
Country: Nigeria

ASI supported the Federal Government of Nigeria and the World Bank to implement the Public Service Reform Program (PSRP).  The objective of the PSRP is the radical improvement of existing structures and processes, in order to give the service a new direction and focus, so that it can meet the challenges of operating in a free and democratic environment, and play a crucial role in underpinning Nigeria’s economic regeneration.  The PSRP will address existing constraints to performance, which have been identified such as:  overextension of the state and lack of focus, erosion of the merit principle in human resource management, a bloated and ineffective public service, systemic corruption and deskilling, and a culture which inhibits performance.
ASI consultants helped address the critical service wide issue of recruitment into the federal public service; analysed the of employee and payroll controls across the civil service and within individual pilot agencies; and assisted the pilot agencies define clearly their reform programs and activities. This work included:

  • assessing present policies, rules and actual practices regarding appointment into, and deployment across the federal civil service against current best practice in countries having similar administrative traditions. This included a critical examination of the roles of the central personnel agencies;
  • identifying aspects of current policies and practices that are not consistent with building a well skilled and well functioning federal civil service and propose options for changes in policies and institutional responsibilities consistent with the desired objectives of the government's PSRP; and
  • identifying the needed changes in legislation etc to allow implementation of the proposed changes.

ASI also produced detailed systems specifications and data standards for an integrated personnel and payroll system for the federal government of Nigeria’s Civil Service.