Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility - Interim Manager

Region: South Asia
Country: Afghanistan

ASI is an integral member of a consortium recently contracted to establish the Investment Climate Facility for Afghanistan. The AICF is designed to make Afghanistan a better place to do business by removing obstacles to domestic and foreign investment. Drawing on a combination of donor and private sector financing, the AICF will facilitate government and private sector ownership of reform activities with a specific focus on 4 main areas:

  • Putting in place simpler, better and more appropriate policies, legislation and regulations that facilitate business, trade, investment and job creation (‘rules of the game').
  • Creating more efficient, effective and business friendly administration and implementation of the ‘rules of the game'.
  • Making improvements in the support infrastructure for the private sector (energy/power, information, financial and other services)
  • Increase the capacity of the private sector to engage better with government to reform the investment climate; and in doing so to build a platform for dialogue and trust between government and business.

Our consortium is responsible for the creation of the AICF. This includes identifying the appropriate legal form for the facility; recruiting Afghan staff; designing and establishing the necessary financial management and operating systems, communicating effectively with key stakeholders; and attracting investors to support the facility with financial resources.