“Mining and Minerals- what role in a sustainable future?”- ASI joins the debate


In early May, staff from ASI's Extractive Industries team attended the recently re-launched annual mining seminar at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee. Over the course of three days the group of selected professionals from industry, governments, academia and civil society debated how to ensure the contribution of the mining sector to sustainable development. The seminar will serve to inform the discussion on a mining chapter in the Rio + 20 Earth Summit scheduled for 2012. A range of issues, challenges and approaches were debated in-depth, and topics covered including the following:

- Mining policies and investment climate;

  • - Green mining and resource efficiency;
  • - Business and human rights;
  • - Responsible contracting;
  • - Mining and economic development;
  • - Community engagement;
  • - Conflict minerals and small scale mining; and
  • - Climate change, energy and water supply.

As an implementer of reform programmes, working with governments across the developing world,  ASI places special emphasis on regularly sharing our experience and perspective on how to improve governance frameworks for the extractive industries with a diverse range of stakeholders.